Hawaiian Blessings are an important part of the Hawaiian culture.  Pule ho’omaka (beginning prayer) is
offered before you begin a blessings.  Sometimes we invoke the Ho’oponopono process. (There is pule
, (closing prayer). Within the ceremony we focus on what needs to be blessed. We clear away the
old energy and what is not needed.  Pule or prayers and Holy water in Koa bowl may be sprinkled with a Ti
leaf. We also offer Hawaiian blessing chants. Sometimes even clearing chants or prayers are done to
remove Spirits etc.   There are different protocols for different kinds of blessings.  Some are traditional some
are more ancient.  All Hawaiian Blessings for land blessings, business blessings, Maui weddings,
Hawaiian baby blessings etc. Have one thing in common. They all bring goodness from the highest and good
energy for happiness, peace and/or success. All of life may be blessed.  Blessings this day.