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The works of Rev. Alalani Hill

Kahu Alalani is known globally for her Spiritual works. Sessions include 'Uhane Hemolele. Her pule (prayer) is for divine guidance from Spirit. Most of her sessions include Pule Ho'omaka (beginning prayer) and Pule Ho'oku'u (closing prayer). sometimes Ho'opono pono or Ho'oma'ema'e (forgiveness and cleansing) is needed. Though Alalani focuses on Weddings and Ceremonies now. Here you will find out more of her work and find her ceremonies below.


Below is some of Kahu Alalani's sacred ceremonies


In Hawaii Spiritual Ceremonies, Blessings, Prayers and Rituals are Sacred. We are here to assist you on your path. To guide you spiritually, support your healing, balance you emotionally, strengthen you mentally or to help you on your path in life.

If your have a group, seminar or convention, we can offer an opening Hawaiian blessing. Rev. Alalani is also available for travel globally for weddings and teachings. Feel free to inquire. Contact us.


  • Engagement Ceremonies
  • Honeymoon Blessings or Wedding Blessings
  • Christian Hawaiian Baptisms
  • Christian Baptisms
  • Ho'ola'a (ancient Hawaiian baby blessing)
  • Hawaiian funerals. Also scattering of ashes by boat or canoe
  • Hawaiian Memorial in honor of a family member or friend
  • Lei greetings, welcoming to the Island and blessing
  • Private tours: Teaching of the Hawaiian culture and huna for families or groups
  • Ho'oma'ema'e: Cleansing of body, mind, emotions and spirit
  • Ho'opono pono: ['forgiveness ceremony/making yourself right and good']
  • Hawaiian Kahiko Session: Sessions vary depending on need, ['Kahuna teachings']
  • Blessings and sessions for children, couples, families and groups
  • Spiritual guidance and readings: Past, present, future ['phone sessions available']
  • Talismans for Health or for Protection: A 2000 year old process ['available via mail']
  • Hawaiian sweat/cleansing and re-birthing. (done at and in the Ocean)
  • 'Alae'a ceremonies in the flowing fresh waters of Iao Valley in Maui
  • Awa ceremony: Drink sacred root with your ancestors
  • Mantra: Mantra prayer of protection is made custom for you
  • Maluhia: Making peaceful the mind through meditation. Learn how to reduce stress
  • Custom ceremonies: Classes and tours for families and groups may include Huna
  • Seasonal Ceremonies: for summer solstice, winter equinox, full moon, etc.
  • Crafts: Making sacred implements, crafts, lei ano ano, sacred tools, medicine bags, leis etc.
  • Medicine walks: La'au Lapa'au teach of healing plants, herbs or Limu (Seaweed)
  • Spell or curse removal. Also removal of Aka cords (emotional cords that bind you)
  • Sunrise and sunset ceremonies: At different places on the Island
  • Ocean walks: Learn culture, legend, myth, Hawaiiana and the ocean plants.
  • Transformation: If you're at a crossroad in your life. (Reading & Spiritual guidance)
  • 4 or 7 directions: Native American ceremony for cleansing, balance, attunement and awakening

There are many kinds of Ceremonies. Some are too challenging to define in words. All work calls upon that which is good and true and of the highest over heaven and earth. All Faiths and Religions may experience these ceremonies or blessings. Please call for personal assistance and a free consultation. Or to book an appointment call 808 281-2582 9-4 Hawaiian time. Rev. Alalani will answer if she is not in ceremony. Feel free to call back if there is no answer. Kuhina can suggest a donation for services or sessions to support our Ministry.

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Alalani focuses on ceremonies rather then healing now. However feel free to call.

Maui is a powerful place filled with mana (spiritual power) Hawaii is the piko (navel) and center of the earth. The island is filled with sacred waters from the wai pipi'i (charged waters) in the mountains to the wai puna (spring water) flowing through the valleys. To the renewing liquid of the kai (water) in the moana (ocean). We utilize the wai (water) and la'au lapa'au like Ti leaf, from the papa honua (foundation of earth) in some sessions. Some protocol has been passed by Kahuna La'au lapa'au or Kahuna that did Hawaiian healing methods. Kahu Alalani has utilized the gifts from Akua (God) in Spirit, and that are found on the moku (island) of Maui. Even the la (sun) is used sessions.

The Kahuna la'au lapa'au used techniques for hundreds of years. Some say thousands. The ways and plants were taught by na kupuna (the elders). Alalani learned these and many from her Kupuna "Papa" one of the last great Kahuna la'au lapa'au of our time. The Kahuna used these healing plants from the ocean, land and mountains (the trinity of earth). She also learned from other masters in her travels. She is no longer offering herbal healing. Alalani does teach about the plants however and uses some in her blessings.

Alalani has been on a spiritual path since she began coming into her gifts when she was 10 years old. Ala is blessed to be connected to 'Uhane Hemolele (the Holy Spirit). It is here where the healing happens. Alalani does not consider herself the healer. She believes that she is a vehicle for healing. That the healing or shift happens between the individual and God. Alalani also works with people from a distance and through phone sessions. She is a clear channel for the Holy Spirit. She is blessed to be able to see into the body and Spirit, past, present and future as God allows. So a phone session may be booked. She is also available for Spiritaul guidance.